We believe in people, not problems...and in our mission to improve the lives of all.

Insightformation is the leading strategy management software and consulting company dedicated to strengthening communities through cross-sector partnerships that apply the Collective Impact framework and the Balanced Scorecard methodology.


Our Leader

Bill Barberg, Insightformation Founder and President, is a globally recognized expert in Strategy Management, Collective Impact, and the Balanced Scorecard methodology for organizations, communities, and coalitions striving to address issues that no one organization can address alone. Mr. Barberg has presented many conference workshops and webinars on Strategy Management and Collective Impact. Several of the world’s leading experts have publicly recognized the exceptional depth and expertise he brings to these topics. In the opening of his highly acclaimed book, Performance Dashboards, Wayne Eckerson thanked Mr. Barberg for his “…incomparable perspective on Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard methodology.”

James Creelman—“the foremost chronicler of the Balanced Scorecard movement” by Kaplan & Nortonhas likely written more articles, books, and research papers on the Balanced Scorecard movement than anyone else. He endorsed Mr. Barberg as follows:

When I co-authored the book More with Less: Maximizing Value in the Public Sector (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), Bill was one of just two Balanced Scorecard experts that I interviewed…I chose Bill because his knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of building scorecards is as good as anyone in the world, and some of his innovations (especially around creating space for partner collaborations) is simply unrivaled. His insights and innovations also strongly present within his organization’s Balanced Scorecard software solution. Bill is quoted extensively in my book and I regularly use his insights in my own work and presentations. In my 17 years of conducting best practice research in the Balanced Scorecard I can think of no one who has inspired me moreand who speaks so much sense! Without hesitation I recommend Bill as a consultant to any organization that is progressing along a scorecard journey.

Mr. Barberg’s consulting clients have been featured as examples in many articles, books, and conference presentations. He was lead designer of InsightVision, our award-winning software package (in the Microsoft® Office System Partner Solution Builder Contest). InsightVision was also name the “Best Value” in an independent review of over 65 performance management and scorecard software solutions. For more than 20 years, Mr. Barberg and Insightformation have built a strong reputation for expertise in deploying analysis, dashboard, Balanced Scorecard, and change management solutions.