Virtual Summit

Beyond Grants:
Innovative Ways to Get Funding and Other Resources for Substance Abuse Prevention, Recovery, and Community Health Improvement Coalitions

June 25, 2019 Noon to 4:30 PM Central Time (NOW RECORDED)

Free — Delivered via GotoWebinar Recording


Don’t you wish there were better ways to get resources and funding?

For coalitions striving to improve community health, prevention of substance abuse, treatment or recovery, on of the biggest frustrations is chasing after grants and trying to get the resources needed to accomplish their important work. And when they get funding, it seems that far too much time is spent on low-value compliance work rather than doing things that actually address the problems they are striving to impact. Don’t you wish there were better options to get funding and the resources you need?

This 4 ½ hour “Virtual Summit’ provides exciting details on several specific ways that organizations working to improve the health and well-being of communities can get the resources that they need to accomplish their missions.

By delivering this information via a “Virtual Summit” using GotoWebinar, we can bring you high-impact speakers who have been presenting this type of content to packed rooms at national conferences, but we can do it for free—and without the cost of conference registrations and travel expenses. And we can go into enough detail that you can begin to put these ideas into practice quickly.

When you invest your time in attending this event, you’ll get to learn about seven game-changing ways to tap into vast new sources of funding and other resources that will enable you to have a greater impact with far less overhead time spent in grant-chasing and low-value compliance efforts. You’ll learn how to use the value you create (not just the size of the problems you help address) to attract both dollars and non-cash resources to allow you to get things done.

Topics to be covered (and Central Time Start):

1) Maximizing the Use of Impact Multipliers and Designing Strategies “At Scale” (12:05)

2) Case Study on Communities of Hope (Part 1) – Thriving without Grants (12:35)

3) Realty4Rehab – Leveraging the Power of Real Estate as a Funding Engine (1:10)

4) Creative Ways to Get Funding from Your Community (1:50)

5) Recovering Big Dollars “from the Couch Cushions” of the Healthcare Payment System (2:50)

6) Using Data to Build the “What’s in it for Me?” Case for Donations (3:35)

7) Selling Health – Innovations in Pay for Success Models (4:05)

Details on the seven topics

Gather a Group! You’ll move faster if more people learn these things quickly!

We encourage you to bring your coalition members together to learn about these innovations that can help you move beyond grants and develop a sustainability model that will put you in a stronger position when you are competing for grants.


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