Accelerate your opioid coalition's impact. 

Improve engagement of community stakeholders | Enhance teamwork | Upgrade the use of measures and data | Expand use of free and low-cost resources | Fight the opioid crisis

Most communities have coalitions that have come together to try and address the many facets of the opioid crisis. The great work done by these groups has started to make a positive impact on communities all over the country. Many are making progress on some topics, but most realize that they have a lot of room for improvement. 

This highly-interactive program helps coalitions anywhere take major steps forward and not only begin to have a greater impact, but also be better positioned as a high-performance coalition when it comes to winning competitive grants that will be issued by states as the new opioid funding is released. 

This program includes several steps that will guide your coalition towards achieving the best results: 

  • Introduction materials to be used as community outreach to recruit partners and to provide some background context for the workshop.

  • Subject experts who will lead discussions and group work at the workshop and provide coaching sessions with their groups in the following weeks. 

  • One day interactive workshop conducted in your community to bring together people from different sectors and organizations to learn new ways of working together and learn about valuable new tools (most of which are free) that can help advance key parts of a comprehensive strategy to address the opioid crisis.

  • Webinars to continue moving forward with training, discussions, and actions started at the workshop and to invite new community partners to the discussion.

  • Coaching sessions to help action teams from each of the communities refine the plans they developed in the Workshop. 


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