We deliver and advise on Innovative Solutions to your deepest needs

 We introduce communities to the possibilities of what can be accomplished with dramatically improved collaboration processes and tools. We advise clients on potential new approaches and promising ideas that enable them to implement their strategies. We also connect local coalitions with innovators, national resources, and research to help them rapidly learn from others addressing similar issues.

Our Three-phase Process

Phase 1

We meet with your organization and community members to co-create a dynamic strategy map for success, placing emphasis on alignment, and utilizing all available assets. We then work together to define strategic objectives and desired outcomes, with your community values in mind.


Phase 2

After developing a concrete strategy with clearly defined objectives, we work together to recruit both core collaborators and underutilized support organizations to move towards reaching community goals. With Collective Impact in mind, we engage in dialogue to decide how best to utilize contributing organizations.


Phase 3

Using InsightVision, we develop a network of continuous communication between all invested community organizations. With a system of scorecards to track progress towards objectives, and continuous updates on successes and strategic revisions, we ensure your efforts are in continuous alignment.


For more details please contact: elizabeth.gallagher@insightformation.com