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At InsightFormation, our work is rooted in a moral imperative: everyone deserves to be healthy. Our PopHealth Impact training program equips you* with the knowledge, tools, and networks to change the way the world tackles our most challenging problems.

What you'll learn:

  • Successfully design and implement cross-sector, multi-organization community health improvement plans to achieve sustainable Collective Impact
  • Co-create a strategic framework, prioritize and align projects, reduce fragmentation of community service offerings, and create lasting impact for those you serve
  • Blend the basics of Collective Impact with Strategy Management, Asset-Based Community Development, and Rapid-Cycle Quality Improvement—to enable successful “backbone support” for achieving Collective Impact

*PopHealth Impact is designed for the following audiences:

  • People working for hospitals, health departments, or philanthropic organizations (such as United Way or similar organizations) striving to lead successful community health improvement efforts
  • Staff of “backbone organizations” who wish to build their skills and expertise on how to co-create and manage multi-stakeholder, cross-sector health improvement strategies
  • Coalition members looking for ways to combat opioid abuse and structural racism in their communities
  • Recent college graduates or grad students seeking to gain valuable experience and learning that will give them an advantage in a career focused on helping build stronger, healthier communities, and to advance the success of prevention and Collective Impact efforts
  • People in (or interested in) career transition looking to update their skills with valuable new training

We proudly support people interested in taking up this important work. Special discounts apply for recent college graduates or people in career transition, as well as the purchase of two or more registrations. See the registration page for details.

Is PopHealth Impact for you?

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Training Schedule

Our five-week online course focuses on the opioid crisis, racial disparities, and neighborhood revitalization as examples to be applied to other issues. All instructional modules are recorded to accommodate existing work or class schedules. Participants engage with subject matter experts and colleagues during weekly group discussions. Participants should expect to spend five to ten hours per week on webinars, discussions, and study materials.


Sample Schedule:

  • Week 1: Establish the Urgency and Commitment to Collaborate on Selected Health Issues
  • Week 2: Introduce the New Concepts, Techniques, and Tools for Managing a Community Strategy
  • Week 3: Engage the Coalition in Co-Creating a Strategy Map & Distribute the Work of Strategy Execution
  • Week 4: Adopt Shared Measures and a Shared Measurement System
  • Week 5: Harness, Align, and Monitor the Actions


Thousands of passionate community health practitioners, coalitions, and organizations are hard at work across the United States seeking to make an impact, but too often organizations work in isolation and use methods that have not achieved sufficient success. The “Collective Impact” approach weaves together the work of many organizations across sectors, based on the following characteristics: Common Agenda, Shared Measurements, Mutually Reinforcing Activities, Continuous Communication, and Backbone Support.

A key to achieving Collective Impact success is the capacity of the backbone organization, which has staff and tools to coordinate the efforts of all cross-sector coalition members to align around the shared strategy. Insightformation is globally recognized as a leader in technology and consulting services that enable broad coalitions to tame the complexity of today’s most pressing social challenges and better work as an aligned team.

Insightformation has developed a new curriculum to educate the next generation of population health professionals in valuable practices that can enhance this emerging approach to systems leadership and successful community strategy implementation. Participants will be able share the recordings, templates, and other resources with community partners to build collaboration capacity in their health improvement coalition.

Enjoy a preview of training materials:


The team of instructors, led by Bill Barberg, have deep knowledge and experience advancing innovative practices.

Lead Instructor

  • Bill Barberg is a highly regarded expert, speaker, and consultant on collaborative strategy management and Collective Impact. He frequently conducts workshops or delivers keynote addresses on collective impact for improving community health, and has consulted with dozens of organizations and communities, many of which are gaining recognition as models of success.

Supporting Consultants

  • Amanda Mancuso, MPH offers expertise in food systems, environmental health, strategy management. Prior to earning her MPH from the Colorado School of Public Health, she spent 10 years as a social worker.
  • Owen Hawkins, MPP offers expertise in criminal justice and mass incarceration, affordable housing, and social policy and analysis.  Owen received his Masters of Public Policy from the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  

Bill, Amanda, and Owen are supported by other members of Insightformation's growing consulting team. Experienced program participants will also lead and facilitate various discussions throughout the course.



“As a decade long participant in sustainable food system transformation, I understand the need for cross sector, strategic partnerships. Yet, without appropriate structure and guidance, one or several organizations often become overburdened. Insightformation’s Community Strategy Management Training Program provides principles for effectively organizing and strengthening broad coalitions necessary for effective collaborative efforts. From the first assignment—a thoughtful introduction to Collective Impact—I was hooked. I knew this was the missing link to creating and organizing the broad networks necessary for systemic positive social change. This course provided me with the theoretical and practical foundation of collective impact and system leadership. It is a thorough program—you will leave with the skills needed to be resources to your communities and the tools to be effective collaborators and leaders in this emerging field. The course is accessible to all people at all levels from students to professionals. Bill Barberg and his consultants are very approachable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making sure their students leave the course ready to be professionals in the Collective Impact field. I am a stronger, more strategic, and more effective food systems social change agent because of this course. I truly feel that Collective Impact is the path forward for large-scale systemic social change, and Bill and his team through Insightformation are leading the way.”
— Meghan Murphy, San Diego Food System Alliance Member, MPH student at San Diego State University
“As a Program Manager currently leading a major federal grant to improve health outcomes through community-driven initiatives, I felt it would be advantageous for me to increase my own leadership capacity for community management and Collective Impact. Therefore, I enrolled in Insightformation’s 12-week Online Community Strategy Management Summer Training Program, which was led by Bill Barberg and his staff. This training provided me with tools, materials, and principles for effective community collaborative change. After completing the training, I feel better equipped to engage the community with the innovative strategies to invoke effective collaborations and healthy partnerships. Furthermore, I enjoyed the individual attention I received from Bill and his staff as we worked on developing strategy maps for my grant’s initiative. Therefore, it is with high regard that I recommend Insightformation and their Community Strategy Management training course, specifically for anyone who is interested in developing the tools to successfully design and implement needle-moving community health plans to achieve sustainability and Collective Impact.”
— Oliver Jenkins, Program Manager, Crater Health District, Virginia Department of Health

For more details please contact: pophealthimpact@insightformation.com