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Creating positive impact on the opioid crisis

Communities across the country face many challenges in addressing opioid abuse. Opioid-related deaths and related health and social problems are rising at an alarming rate. In response, Insightformation has built a strategic template for community response to the opioid crisis. This template builds on the plans, experiences, and insights of communities across the United States.

Three-part Webinar Series:

Insightformation hosts a webinar series to help communities learn how Strategy Maps can drive solutions to the opioid crisis. Webinar participants learn the value of using a “Zoomable Strategy Map” as a way to organize the details of a multi-faceted strategy that coordinates the efforts of a broad group of stakeholders. Strategy Maps also become a framework for measurement and evaluation. Participants hear from industry professionals who are engaging a broad number of organizations to accelerate efforts and rapidly make progress on this important health issue.


The following series is from Fall 2016.

Webinar Series Part I:

(60 min.): Managing a Multi-faceted Plan to Reduce Opioid Misuse in Your Community

Webinar Series Part II:

(50 min.): Managing a Comprehensive Community Strategy, and Managing Operational Plans for Individuals and Service Providers

Webinar Series Part III: