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Creating positive impact on the opioid crisis

Communities across the country face many challenges in addressing opioid abuse. Opioid-related deaths and related health and social problems are rising at an alarming rate. In response, Insightformation has built a strategic template for community response to the opioid crisis. This template builds on the plans, experiences, and insights of communities across the United States.

Three-part Webinar Series:

Insightformation hosts a webinar series to help communities learn how Strategy Maps can drive solutions to the opioid crisis. Webinar participants learn the value of using a “Zoomable Strategy Map” as a way to organize the details of a multi-faceted strategy that coordinates the efforts of a broad group of stakeholders. Strategy Maps also become a framework for measurement and evaluation. Participants hear from industry professionals who are engaging a broad number of organizations to accelerate efforts and rapidly make progress on this important health issue.


The following series is from Fall 2016. We're pleased to repeat this series with new and updated content in February-April 2017.


Webinar Series Part I:

(60 min.): Managing a Multi-faceted Plan to Reduce Opioid Misuse in Your Community


Webinar Series Part II:

(50 min.): Managing a Comprehensive Community Strategy, and Managing Operational Plans for Individuals and Service Providers


webinar series Part III: