Strategic Planning for Public Health Departments

Don't just create a document to check off a box for accreditation...

Significantly enhance your department's capacity to develop, update, AND implement your strategic plan.

It is all too common to have a strategic planning consultant come in and help leaders revisit mission statements and the organization’s vision, do a variety of detailed assessments and environmental scans and then craft a strategic plan document that sits on the shelf and is never implemented.  Even if goals with measures and targets are identified, the process of managing strategy implementation is usually neglected.  If implementation falters, all the time and money spent doing the analysis and crafting the document brings very little value to the organization.  Therefore, our approach strives to spend less time in some of the up-front work by leveraging recent work and spending more time working on clarifying the details of the strategy and how it will be implemented—including the use of InsightVision.  


InsightVision for Strategic Planning

Our Strategy Management Consulting, combined with the deployment of InsightVision, addresses much of the implementation of a Performance Management System, a PHAB requirement.  

At each step in the journey, our approach leverages the capabilities and templates that InsightVision provides. The fact that we designed and developed InsightVision and have a high degree of proficiency in using it gives us significant advantages compared with other consultants who would spend considerable time in learning a new technology—and perhaps even a new methodology. With our approach, a great deal of time will be saved by using InsightVision throughout the process, rather than developing a strategic plan in one format and then working separately to re-structure the information to optimize the value of InsightVision.


History of InsightFormation and Strategic Planning

InsightFormation’s President & Founder, Bill Barberg, has been consulting on developing and implementing strategic plans for both government and business since 2002.  He has delivered a wide range of workshops and training programs including 2-day workshops on Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for Government in both Washington, D.C. and the Kingdom of Brunei.   The 2-Day Workshop on Balanced Scorecard for Government included modules on aligning Quality Improvement with strategy and practical steps for human capital management—such as a human capital readiness assessment and a human capital (workforce) development plan. He has presented at national Human Resources conferences on how to align workforce development with strategic plans to enhance strategy execution. 

 A few examples of our work & clients: 

InsightFormation Public Health clients accredited by PHAB include states such as Delaware and their Department of Public Health & the great State of Alabama.  County client's include the County of San Diego, Humboldt County, CA Yolo, CA, Cobb & Douglas, GA, Portsmouth, VA, St. Clair County, IL and others).

InsightFormation has helped with strategic planning for large corporations including Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Vital Images a global division of Toshiba, Prime Therapeutics, and Weichert Relocation Resources, The Children’s Hospital in Denver, and the IT Services Group at University of Utah Health Care. 

InsightFormation’s team has also worked performed strategic planning services for statewide collective impact efforts to address alcohol, tobacco and drug use (Wyoming), reducing suicide, (Wyoming), reducing incarceration and recidivism (Arkansas) and improving the foster care system (Arkansas). 

InsightFormation was also influential in shaping the strategy and performance management system of the Ministry of Works (MoW) in Bahrain which er are proud to say has been inducted into "The Strategy Management Hall of Fame".

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