Strategy Management—Five Essential Steps for Best Results

What is the best way to improve organizational performance? There are the five essential steps. And they need to happen sequentially.

Five Essential Steps for Strategy Management

  1. Strategy must be crisp, concise and communicated so it is understood by everyone.  Communicate with words and visual aids.
  2. Measures must be defined. Which are the Measures that Matter?  Need to have ONE scoreboard to communicate progress.
  3. Initiatives must be prioritized. Only fund projects that enable the Strategy and achieve the Measures. Stop other initiatives.
  4. Leadership must model excellent Listening and Learning skills. Your organization wants to give you new insights. Listen well.
  5. Empower employees and teams to Execute the Strategy! Knowing how and why their work matters, they will soar!

For more on these five essential steps read “The Execution Premium” (Harvard Business Press).