The Two Questions that Only the CEO Can Answer

Every employee wants to know where they fit and how their contribution matters within their organization. Unfortunately, few CEO’s actually take the time to clarify the bigger purpose, vision and strategy of their organization in meaningful terms that genuinely motivate employees.

We have all felt the excitement and creative energy of belonging to a winning team. We drew energy from each other when we put another point on the board. We heard friends and family cheer us onward though the valleys. Our coach believed in us and drew out the very best in us. We were motivated to give our all, for the sake of the Team. We shared clarity of purpose, common goals and we celebrated the positive contributions of every teammate. 

Today, many CEOs are failing to realize the full potential of their Team because they are failing to tap into the energy, the creativity, and the hearts of their employees.

The effective CEO needs to ensure that their organizational strategy is purposeful; clearly communicated in meaningful words and well defined measures.  And every employee needs to hear and understand how their work matters, and how their work is vital to the success of the Team.

Employees are not looking for another company slogan to be posted at the drinking fountain. Nor is their creative energy stirred by learning that “we achieved our budgeted goal for the mont.h” If you are the CEO of an organization that desires to achieve exceptional results and meaningful growth, your employees are listening intently for you to personally communicate with them regarding issues and concerns that matter to them.

First, your employees want to know that the organization they belong to has meaning, vision and genuine purpose; something bigger than shipping more product or handling more phone calls. They want to belong to something of significance. Second, they want to know how and why their personal contributions matter. They want to see that the energy and talent that they bring to work every day is valued and appreciated. And, when they actually believe your message, that their work really does matter, it will unleash a deeper inner desire to do more, and to do it better than ever before.