A Collective Impact Approach to Addressing the Opioid Crisis

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The Opioid Strategy Map outlines a comprehensive plan for communitites to take action to prevent opioid misuse.
Utilize this free PowerPoint version of the Strategy Map to create your own template, motivate stakeholders, and find ideas to adapt in your own community.
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Use this template to create common ground among multiple stakeholders to address the opioid crisis and align multiple community partners.  Although not every community will choose to address each objective on the strategy map, it can serve as a guide to start community discussions. Likewise, it will foster understanding of the complexity of this issue. Please note that this strategy map also serves as a framework for measurement and evaluation of community efforts.

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Communities across the country face many challenges in addressing opioid abuse. Opioid-related deaths and related health and social problems are rising at an alarming rate. In response, Insightformation has built a strategic template for multi-faceted community response. The image below is the top-level of the map that builds on the plans, experiences, and insights of communities across the United States. 

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Utilize the PowerPoint to create a customized strategy map for your own community.