Understanding Social Determinants of Health

Insightformation is dedicated to total population health because we know that health begins in our homes and surrounding neighborhoods (our model for resident-owned neighborhoods is forthcoming). Throughout the past 20 years, we have seen just how crucial it is to understand upstream factors impacting health outcomes within the communities we serve. In response, we empower broad-based initiatives and communities to address the highly inter-connected socio-economic factors affecting health.

Managing Complex Cause and Effect Relationships

From the built environment and foster care, to prison recidivism and workforce development, our knowledge base and supporting technology (e.g., interactive Strategy Maps and "cause and effect" diagrams) help you identify performance relationships and also drill into the data for deeper analysis of these links. We are proud to offer nuanced understanding and expertise in the viability of linked objectives and best practices among healthy communities.

  • Facilitate diverse stakeholders in co-creating comprehensive strategy that leverages differentiated strengths of various organizations
  • Structure strategy to simplify understanding and enhance implementation
  • Deploy online strategy management system to enhance planning, monitoring, measuring, and communicating shared community strategy
  • Recommend evidence-based practices and promising innovations to accelerate coalition progress
  • Address leading social determinants:
    • Revitalized neighborhoods (housing, education, jobs, safety, health, and culture)
    • Incarceration, re-entry, and recidivism
    • Foster care
    • Workforce development
    • Institutional and structural racism

Insightformation’s powerful techniques and innovative technologies help coalitions address complex “upstream” issues impacting health, and have been featured at various national conferences and webinars.