Track, Measure, Report, and Drive Collective Impact

Successfully define and execute your strategy with InsightVision

InsightFormation’s award-winning InsightVision strategy management software enables organizations and multi-stakeholder coalitions to articulate, communicate, and improve performance by translating strategy into specific and measurable prioritized objectives and actions. InsightVision is a secure, cloud-based, easy-to-use, effective, and affordable shared measurement and collaboration platform. In addition, we work with other high-value technologies that can support coalitions’ work to address complex social issues.

  • Improve collaboration and team engagement: Simplify the complex task of total community cooperation; share measurement systems, mutual objectives, and communications that make it easy to coordinate collective impact.
  • Harvest shared wisdom for Collective Impact: Our user-friendly interface allows all participants to share progress and insights, provide transparency and accountability, and maximize stakeholder engagement to drive progress.
  • Reduce waste, redundancy, and fragmentation: Track strategy effectiveness easily and in real time with our strategy management system.
  • Empower strategic plans to meet evolving challenges: Our easily adaptable Strategy Maps make it simple to modify your plan of action as you see fit, ensuring you meet unforeseen obstacles head on.

Ensure that your specific goals are met.



With interactive Strategy Maps, contextual project information, and presentation ready views, your organization is on the fast track to the outcomes you deserve.


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With an agreed upon system for keeping score, you can rest easy knowing the status of the priority objectives and actions for your organization or community coalition.


With intuitive navigation and unparalleled ability to cascade objectives and measures, your entire organization or coallition is at your fingertips.


Enhance and manage agency alignment, performance, communication, and results by improving:


InsightVision in Action

How the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming utilized InsightVision to build out their Strategic Prevention Framework for community level work, specifically for opioids.


How Cobb & Douglas Public Health utilized InsightVision to assist with PHAB Accreditation


Thoughts from the experts

I’ve never seen any other software like InsightVision. If I were leading a health department, I’d buy it in a minute. The more I learned about InsightFormation’s work and their innovative on-line platform for supporting community strategy execution, the more I realized that this is what communities have been missing.
— Stephanie Bailey, Former Chief of Public Health Practice at CDC; Past President of the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO)
[InsightVision] is especially useful for tracking agency performance, overall project activities, and for demonstrating progress in a very tangible way, especially to elected officials and key stakeholders. We will be extending it to all of our projects and see it as part of our strategic capacity building and we are recommending the platform to all LHDs for these activities
— Patrick Lenihan, Ph.D., Public Health Institute of Metro Chicago
InsightVision provides a wealth of innovative capabilities that help hospitals, health departments, and community coalitions take on the complex community health challenges that must be addressed. To be successful, leaders in community health need to learn to leverage this type of technology.
— Mark Horton, former head of Public Health for the State of California (2006-2011)
We benefit from using the software as a central place to collaborate as we refine our strategy maps and scorecards. We don’t have to wait until everything is finalized to begin to gain the benefits of alignment and focus.
— Jerry Howell, VP of Quality, Patient Safety & Compliance, The Children’s Hospital, Denver
InsightVision has many features I have seen in no other strategy management or performance management software that are especially valuable to CBSC (Community Based Scorecard)… It is an excellent tool to support the CBSC methodology—by far the best I have seen
— Paul Epstein, Author and Thought Leader