Collective Impact

Insightformation Teams with Thriving Weld to Garner National Attention

Insightformation Teams with Thriving Weld to Garner National Attention

At Insightformation, we believe we all deserve to be healthy. That's why we exist. So when our client partners in total population health garner national awards, we take pride in knowing our meaningful collaborations extend far beyond our business relationships. Thriving Weld is one of our current client partners garnering national attention for big, strategic results.

Who Gets Credit for Collective Impact?

While most organizations recognize that Collective Impact is invaluable in it’s ability to bring people together, encourage the sharing of resources and achieve wider results; however this approach fails to properly address the underlying fears and grant expectations that are placed on grantees. We know that in order to achieve …

Upgrading to a Digital Backbone

If you read about Backbone Support for Collective Impact, the typical approach to providing backbone support relies on appropriately-trained staff to achieve the desired coordination. The staff of the backbone organization spends most of its time managing information and communication. As described in the earlier posts, most of...

Continuous Communication

When partners set out to achieve Collective Impact and review the five conditions; Continuous Communication can feel like the ‘freebie’ and little to no time is spent on figuring out how to achieve it.  Coalitions operate with the mindset that just having more meetings will bring about the type of …