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Insightformation Teams with Thriving Weld to Garner National Attention

Insightformation Teams with Thriving Weld to Garner National Attention

At Insightformation, we believe we all deserve to be healthy. That's why we exist. So when our client partners in total population health garner national awards, we take pride in knowing our meaningful collaborations extend far beyond our business relationships. Thriving Weld is one of our current client partners garnering national attention for big, strategic results.

Strategy Management—Managing The Future

Numerous studies in the business world have shown that even when strategies are well-crafted, most organizations fall short when it comes to execution.  One key reason for this, I believe, is that organizational leaders are usually not equipped with the appropriate tools for strategic management.  Tools and techniques that help…

Project Prioritization Through Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma

The achievement of an organization’s strategy using the Balanced Scorecard is through the identification and execution of select strategic initiatives. Most Balanced Scorecard methodologies do not have a well-defined process for prioritizing and selecting from amongst the possible strategic initiatives and also do not have a well-define methodology for managing …

How to Handle a Large Number of Strategic Objectives

A previous post identified seven areas where the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) need each other. The first item on the list has to do with defining strategic objectives. This is, obviously, a crucial component of defining an organization’s strategy. If the strategic objectives are ill-defined and …