As the urgency to improve the health of communities grows, the need for improved teamwork among cross-sector coalitions has become increasingly clear.  The challenges of improving population health--from preventing chronic disease or improving the social determinants of health to addressing the complex needs of "frequent flyers" who increasingly fill emergency departments--are beyond what any one organization can accomplish. In addition, many coalitions struggle with how best to achieve effective and efficient teamwork.

This Webinar introduces the new book, "Solving Population Health Problems through Collaboration" (Routledge, 2017) and shares practical insights from the chapter on "Implementing Population Health Strategies." 

Ron Bialek, President of the Public Health Foundation (PHF) and co-designer of the vision for this book, will share the impetus for assembling a diverse group of experts to contribute their perspectives, and will detail how the book is being used to advance population health practices in different settings. 

Bill Barberg, the author of the chapter on Implementing Population Health Strategies will guide participants through the six practical steps outlined in the chapter, introducing valuable techniques and tools that have well-established effectiveness for managing the implementation of complex strategies but that are rarely used for community or population health improvement.

Webinar participants will also be given access to a variety of supporting resources that they can download and share. 


About the Speakers:


Bill Barberg founded InsightFormation in 1991 and has worked with a wide range of organizations and coalitions on improving performance and strategy execution.  In addition to his extensive consulting experience, he is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops across the U.S. and internationally. His clients have received numerous awards for advancing practices for improving community health and collective impact.



Ron Bialek is President of the Public Health Foundation (, a globally-respected organization specializing in the development, sharing, and use of source of information on improving public and population health ( Ron has led initiatives including developing performance management and quality improvement tools and training for population health professionals; developing the consensus set of Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals through the Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice; and creating the Nation’s most comprehensive population health learning network – TRAIN.



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What top experts are saying about the chapter that will be featured in this webinar:


Stephanie Bailey, MD, MSHSA, Past President of NACCHO and Past Chief of Public Health Practice for the CDC

"Communities have gotten 'stuck' in the implementation phase because of the very reasons expressed in this dynamic chapter--a chapter which contains information which falls squarely in the category of 'disruptive innovation." It was only a matter of time before a new paradigm as expressed here and tools as introduced here would be developed to facilitate community processes [...] The phrase from the chapter: 'there are almost always ways to move the measure in the desired direction without actually accomplishing the underlying change which was intended,' makes the review of the chapter worth my time and should provide the 'why' to your adopting the tool, understanding and strategy for moving your communities' health needle more effectively, directly and as a team.” 

Patrick Remington, MD MPH, Associate Dean of the School of Public Health and Interim Director of the UW Population Health Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"It is widely recognized that the goals of Healthy People 2020 will not be reached with better healthcare alone. [...] These [chapter's] recommendations are built on decades of sound research and are brought to life in the chapter using real-life community experiences: From Walla Walla to Detroit--people are working together to create a common agenda and work together to assure that all people live long and healthy lives."

Marcella Wilson, PHD, Founder and CEO of Transitions to Success and Author of Diagnosis: Poverty

“Bill Barberg's chapter ‘Implementing Population Health Strategies’ offers readers a rarely found, concrete, step-by-step approach to transformational social change through collaboration and collective impact. Beyond use as a reference, I will integrate this approach as an essential tool for the community initiatives I am involved in, directly responding to poverty as an environmentally based medical condition and not a character flaw."

Mark Horton, MD MSPH, Former Director / State Health Officer for the California Department of Public Health

“The author has managed to integrate key principles and concepts of successful community collaboration articulated by respected leaders in the field into a fresh framework for strategically organizing, managing and monitoring broad-based multi-sector community efforts to address priority health issues affecting populations. A strong case is made for the use of a robust information technology platform for capturing, aligning, monitoring and communicating progress on the myriad of strategic activities that are often undertaken by collaborative partners in moving forward on a community health improvement plan. Community leaders considering launching, or already engaged in, a broad-based multi-sector collaborative effort to address community health concerns would do well to consider adopting the strategic framework presented in this chapter.”

Mary Pittman, DRPH, President and CEO of the Public Health Institute

"The techniques and tools [in this chapter] help align the actions that local multi-stakeholder teams can use to speed the priority setting and actions to reach population health goals. The “zoomable” strategy map is an innovation that hospitals, NGOs, government, and neighborhood groups can use to creatively examine and achieve greater impact and accountability.”

James Creelman, Founder of Creelman Strategy Alliance

"There is perhaps no more critical issue in the US and indeed across the globe than improving the health of communities. This is a top-of-mind issue for Governments everywhere. In this chapter, Bill Barberg [...] expertly describes how Government agencies and other stakeholders can work collaboratively to build, and perhaps more importantly, execute strategies that deliver required outcomes for citizens. Key here is the deployment of collaborative strategy execution frameworks that enables each player to fully apply their own expertize while, to a common agenda of enabling healthier communities, leveraging the skills and knowledge of others . Peppered with successful community health case examples, we will all benefit from the practical advice and steps Bill here provides."