Technology, Tools, & Techniques for Washington Counties to Address Public Health Issues 

Postponed - Date TBD

Collective Impact, CHIPs, and Public Health Performance Management just got a lot easier for Local Health Departments in Washington!

InsightVision is a powerful, award-winning online platform that can help local health departments with many of their big challenges.  The same platform that provides strong support for aligning and measuring Collective Impact efforts for CHIP priorities like addressing the opioid crisis can also meet the PHAB requirements for having Public Health Performance Management System.   

Normally, the procurement steps for licensing new software can take many months and require a burdensome RFP process.  The cost of going through the RFP process can even exceed the cost of licensing the software!  Fortunately, Skagit County completed a rigorous competitive RFP process earlier this year and selected the InsightVision platform.  Other counties can now piggy-back on Skagit’s RFP process and acquire InsightVision without needing to do their own RFP process!

This Webinar will also show how Local Health Departments can access new financial resources (for opioids or other issues) to fund the acquisition of the software and then use it for many other purposes at little or no incremental cost.

This Webinar will showcase how other cities and counties in the State of Washington are using InsightVision.  You’ll also learn about free resources to support your community coalition for addressing the opioid crisis.

The presenter, Bill Barberg, is a frequent speaker and trainer at national conferences and workshops.  This year will be his 3rd presentation at the NACCHO conference in the past 5 years.  He is the author of the chapter on “Implementing Population Health Strategies” for the new book, “Solving Population Health Problems through Collaboration” and is the recipient of the 2018 “Health Systems Transformation” Award from Communities Joined in Action.


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