“InsightVision software’s ease of use and solid support for the scorecard methodology has played a critical role in our ability to successfully deploy the BSC framework, and has served as a major catalyst for realizing higher levels of scorecard goal achievement across our
— Aram Minnetian, President, WWM


  • "Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame," PalLadium group


Weichert Workforce Mobility (WWM) is one of the world’s leading workforce mobility and assignment management companies, serving Fortune 2,500 companies and their employees. The New Jersey headquartered company delivers relocation management services in more than 150 countries. 

 In 2004, leadership at WWM determined that their best option for integrating acquired businesses and aligning employee performance was to embrace Balanced Scorecard Methodology (BSC) to develop a stronger business framework. When searching for a BSC automation software, they decided on InsightVision due to its pre-built reporting capabilities, scalable performance management, and real-time scorecard performance feedback.



More than 150 scorecards were deployed by WWM through mid-2007, with plans to deploy 150 more scorecards in the following months. With a concrete strategic plan backed by a dynamic shared measurement system, WWM was able to solidify their business framework as they continuously acquired new businesses, never having to worry about fragmentation or miscommunication. The newly developed framework also empowered employees to take responsibility for their own performance and development by giving them clear indications of how their roles fit into the company strategic plan.



Performance measures confirm the positive impact of the BSC and InsightVision. WWM’s employee satisfaction hit a record high of 88%, resulting in reaching a new customer satisfaction level of 96%. Their improved ability to integrate acquisitions was evidenced by their successful integration of the Global Mobility Service practice acquired from PricewaterhouseCoopers.