Creative Ways to Get Funding from Your Community

At the 2018 CADCA National Leadership Forum, Christa Shifflett, the Executive Director of the Warren Coalition, a substance abuse prevention coalition in Virginia, spoke to a packed room of people wanting to learn innovative ways to get funding after their initial “Drug-Free Communities” grant ended. In this presentation, Christa will be sharing several of the practical innovations to “Ask, Charge, Earn and Share.” Participants will also be able to download guides with more details on how to put these inspiring funding strategies into practice.

Recovering Big Dollars “from the Couch Cushions” of the Healthcare Payment System

As a child, did you ever pull up the cushions of your sofa and discover coins that had fallen from people’s pockets. This was free money! In the complexities of the Healthcare Payment System, there are significant places where dollars fall through the cracks. In this presentation, Evan Hilton, the CEO of Green Tech Solutions Group, will share about how sophisticated new technology based on machine learning and advanced algorithms can help hospitals easily capture significant dollars that are leaking from their payment systems.

While hospitals may know that these dollars are being lost, without the power of this innovative software, the cost of trying to recover those dollars has made it impractical. It has been an example of the old saying that “The juice is not worth the squeeze.” However, an innovative, tech-powered service can recover those dollars for the hospital and split the recovered money with the hospital.

This strategy involves coalitions bringing this service to the hospitals in their community and negotiate that they get a share of the net dollars that the hospitals receive. Since this is like finding large sums money in the couch cushions for the hospitals, they can be more generous because they are giving part of dollars that were not in their current budgets. These funds can be ideal for creating the initial balance of a community wellness fund.

Using Data to Build the Case for Donations

Many stakeholders in a community pay the price when chronic disease, addiction and other avoidable health conditions grow worse. There is good bit of logic that suggests that these stakeholders should be willing to donate to high-value and credible efforts to prevent these problems. They should save significant dollars and gain the benefits of operating in a healthier community. The response to those requests for donations are much more likely to be positive if those requests are backed with solid data. In this presentation, Joe Markiewicz will be sharing practical ways to use data to make a strong case for organizations who don’t normally give grants to open up their checkbooks to donate to your coalition.

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