Selling Health – Innovations in Pay for Success Models

Many organizations that currently pay for healthcare via “Fee for Service” models are striving to shift to new, value-based models. As that shift continues, dollars should be allocated more for prevention, since the “ounce of prevention” is usually a smarter investment than paying for the “pound of cure.”

One of the most promising and innovative models in this emerging world of value-based payment is the concept of “buying health.” If health plans and other payers are able to purchase health, rather than healthcare services, then there are new financial incentives to find the most efficient and effective ways of improving the health of populations. Community coalitions focusing on prevention are well positioned to create health efficiently and sell those improvements to those willing to buy health.

This presentation will explore two early examples of that model, which is quite different from the early generation of Pay-For-Success models.

Discussion and Next Steps to learn more

We’ll wrap up the Virtual Summit with additional time for Q&A as well as sharing details of learning more on these powerful ways to get resources and funding for your coalition.

Access to Recordings

People who register will be given free access to the recordings of all seven sessions for 14 days following the Virtual Summit, up until July 4, 2019.

After July 4, these recordings will be available in a membership training site that will also include additional training and supporting materials.

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