Single Payment Option

Commit early to make the most of this program. Review and share introduction materials, promote the workshop, recruit participants, and save money!

 Early Bird Registration Price (before October 14): $2,000
Full Price Registration (on or after October 15): $2,500

With this option, you will get a code that will allow people to register for free (or they can just show up without registering). The CCA is designed for up to 100 people. To chose this option for your community, please send an E-mail to and put “CCA Full Pay Option” in the subject line. We’ll contact you to discuss the details.

Pay Per Person Option

If you prefer, you can do choose to set up your registration with a $49.00 cost for each person that registers. If you take this approach, the total fee could be higher, but you can launch your event without needing to find a financial sponsor. With this option, a sponsor can purchase blocks of 10 scholarships for $600, and those 100% discount scholarship codes can be provided to people or organizations that you want to attend for free. Please contact it you would like to be set up with this option. (Put “CCA Pay Per Person” in the E-mail subject line.)

Other Costs

There are several additional costs that need to be considered:

  • The Hosts and Sponsors may want to provide box lunches, snacks, coffee, etc. for the participants. We encourage the Host to provide lunch to ensure extra time for group work time. 

  • There may be costs for renting a facility or equipment. 

  • Printing some workshop materials.

  • An optional use of funding is to get a commitment for a community budget of $5,000 for groups to implement plans discussed during this workshop. This would not be paid as part of the program, instead, it would be set aside for your community to use when needed. This would be distributed via mini-grants to help the action teams take rapid steps that require a modest amount of money. This encourages and accelerates action in the community, since teams will know that some of the funding they need is there. 



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