Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: We already have successful opioid prevention and recovery programs in my community. Why would we need this? 

A: Participants will learn valuable, low-cost ways to make existing efforts more effective, reach more people and have a greater impact.  This workshop will bring new tools, technologies and suggestions for improved teamwork that can help your coalition have even more impact.


Q: Can I still attend if my community doesn't have the funds for an event? 

A: Yes. We can work with you to find a local host and pull together the funds to have a local event, but if that has not been solidified two weeks before the workshop, you can pay $95 and participate remotely.


Q: Are these solutions evidence-based?

A: This workshop and the Opioid Coalition Resource Hub include practices with a strong research base along with many innovative and promising strategies that can further enhance outcomes.  Much of the focus is on advancing progress in strategies that are backed by good evidence (such as expanding SBIRT or increasing safe storage of prescription drugs) by creatively engaging a broader group of community partners in getting things done.  In other cases, the workshop will introduce innovative techniques and technologies that have shown promise, so communities can have a broader set of tools to address complex, multi-faceted challenges.  The problems are evolving so fast and so many innovations are emerging that there is not time to wait for interventions that may eventually be included in rigorous studies.  The workshop will show how to connect with others via the Opioid Coalition Resource Hub to share insights on what is working and what is not.  This should help speed the development of more evidence-based solutions and promising innovations.


Q: What if I do not do opioid-specific work? How would I help? 

A: Nearly every person or organization in a community can play some contributing role to help address some part of a comprehensive strategy to address this complex crisis.  This workshop will show a variety of creative ways to harness and align many different types of organizations and individuals to contribute to community teamwork and success.


Q: What is a simulcast and how does it work? 

A: Each local space will be set up with an Internet connection, projector, screen and speakers in a main meeting room plus in two break-out session rooms.  Training sessions will be transmitted over the Internet via video and Web-conferencing technology so all the communities can simultaneously view and hear the presentations with a mix of live video and projected slides or documents.  


Q: Can we offer the Workshop on different dates? 

A: We can offer the workshop on your own custom schedule if you're interested in paying the additional cost.   The plan to serve many cities simultaneously helps keep the cost very affordable. 


Q: What if our coalition is focusing on topics not covered by the five tracks or webinars? 

A: This Coalition Accelerator introduces techniques and tools that can be applied to many other parts of a comprehensive strategy.  To introduced those tools, we picked topics that are part of most community's strategies.  Once you’ve experienced the process and been introduced to the Opioid Coalition Resource Hub, you can apply this approach to other topics. We’re also planning to do the CCA in November with a different set of topics, so contact us with the topics you’d like to cover.


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