Participant Feedback

Take a look at the response we got from our most recent Community Coalition Accelerator event in Saginaw, MI

“It is very energizing to convene with so many other people who are passionate about addressing the opioid crisis.”
"Was a day full of useful information – that’s rare”
“Regional collaboration is key to solving the opioid epidemic.  The community coalition accelerator program will facilitate this.”
“Inspiring & motivational…. Gave hope that change is possible.”
“Helped to refocus the community engagement process leading to effective practices and community change.”

89% agreed (44.74%) or strongly agreed (44.74%) that their organization will have the ability to play an active role in the action plans developed today.

This is very significant.  This workshop is about engaging community partners in action, and almost 90% of the survey respondents were engaged to work on the action plans developed in this workshop.


95% agreed (51%) or strongly agreed (44%) that participating in the accelerator program adds value to the work their organization does.

This is a day well spent to improve the success of organizations working to address the opioid crisis. 


100% agreed (46%) or strongly agreed (54%) that information presented in the breakout sessions was useful, and 67% strongly agreed that the discussions in the breakout sessions were useful.

This is the most unique design element of the CCA workshop, and in spite of learning some lessons on what we can do better (such as only have one break-out group per room so they are not distracted by each other’s conversations), the participant ratings were very high.  Keep in mind that these breakout sessions were facilitated by local volunteers who were coached in two Web-conference calls with Bill Barberg (the CCA workshop leader).  This remarkable score confirms the power of a structured process that engages the diverse groups in a local setting.  


95% of the respondents said they would participate in an event like this again.   0% said they would not.  5% were undecided.

These are busy people. And they invested a full day in this workshop.  We promised that we would not just talk more about the problem, but we would guide them through a process to enhance their teamwork and collaboration.  



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