Introductory Materials

Communities will be provided access to 5 short video excerpts (each about 15 minutes long) all from on Collective Impact to Address the Opioid Crisis delivered by Bill Barberg and an E-book on "Implementing Population Health Strategies" to be used as part of the community outreach to promote participation in the event and to provides some background context for the workshop. We encourage all types of distribution and sharing of these resources so as to engage with the maximum number of local coalitions, stakeholders and community members whether at meetings, events, your webpage and for sure email to everyone.

Each community will receive their own custom Website (see the template here) that they can use to inform & promote participation in the workshop.  We'll show tell you about best ways to use the webpage & registration page for maximum effect.  

We also take care of all registration services for the community workshop. Your community will receive a customized registration link and introduction materials will be sent to participants. 


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