Introductory Materials - E-Learning Content

Communities that participate in the CCA get access to a wealth of valuable training to support their effort. Much of the training is optional, but will be helpful. The training is delivered via a state-of-the-art E-learning platform that will be available for at least one year after the workshop. By using an E-Learning platform, we can generate reports on who has viewed different parts of the training prior to the workshop.

Training for Topic Facilitators, Scribes and the Community Moderator.

One of the benefits for volunteers who will support the 5 topics is that they will get some valuable training. Much of it will be optional, but both valuable for professional development and helpful to support the success of the CCA. The required training for a Topic Facilitator or Scribe will be about 45 minutes, including 30 minutes on the general process and expectations and about 15 minutes to tour their specific part of the Opioid Coalition Resource Accelerator.

Topic facilitators and scribes will also get free access to a 2-hour Overview Course on Implementing Community Health Improvement Strategies ($95 value).

General Background Information

Any potential participants can be provided access to 5 short video excerpts (with a combined time of about 1 hour) from a workshop Bill Barberg delivered on Collective Impact to Address the Opioid Crisis. They will also get access to his highly-acclaimed E-book on "Implementing Population Health Strategies." These resources can be used as part of the community outreach to promote participation in the event and to provides some background context for the workshop.

Pre-Workshop Materials for Participants

After people register to participate in the Community Coalition Accelerator, they can either be sent links to specific videos or they can be sent a link to sign up for the CCA Workshop that will include access to videos and other supporting materials. The pre-workshop material will include a 10-minute video to introduce the strategy map template and the 15-minute video tours of for the different topics. The requested investment in time is for people to view that introductory video (10 minutes) and the video tour for the topic that they will be focused on in the workshop (about 15 minutes)

Custom Event Website

Each community will receive their own custom Website (see the template here) that they can use to inform & promote participation in the workshop.  We'll show tell you about best ways to use the webpage & registration page for maximum effect.  

We also take care of all registration services for the community workshop. Your community will receive a customized registration link and introduction materials will be sent to participants. 


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