Following the Workshop, coalitions can gather together subsets of their coalitions to either learn new material that addresses topics not covered during the Workshop (See Webinar Topics below). Final webinar dates not yet finalized.

These webinars are not intended as independent Webinars for general audiences, but rather as an extension of the Workshop, building on the pre-workshop content and the training provided in the workshop.  Coalitions are highly encouraged to gather the relevant stakeholders together so they can work in person on these topics. New participants can be given recordings of some of the key training lectures from the workshop to prepare for these sessions.  These will be offered in the six weeks following the workshop, and they are only for people who participated in the workshop and others they choose to invite to participate with them.

Post-Workshop Webinar 1: 

Leveraging Technology to Support Care Coordination the Pathways Community Hub Model
Lead Presenter: TBD    (Date: TBD)

Details coming soon.

Post Workshop Webinar 2:

Using InsightVision to Manage Your Coalition's Strategy

Lead Presenter:  Bill Barberg  (Date: TBD) 

InsightVision is the award-winning platform that can help communities manage all the moving parts of a comprehensive strategy to address the opioid, heroin and fentanyl crisis.  This cloud-based platform has valuable capabilities to manage information throughout the planning process, and it provides a centralized, online place for communities to manage measures, data, action plans, and much more.  It can be used across an entire state or region, and it has functionality that allows information to be shared via public-facing Websites when desired.  

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